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My Story

Hi, my name is Josh Goodstadt and I am a Behaviourist.  For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with the subject of  behaviour.   As a child I was so curious as to why animals act the way they do.  As I got older I became more interested in the ‘motivation’ of why animals act the way they do.

When I learned that in fact we are animals as well, I became hyper-aware of all the similarities between us and other animals, including insects.  For example whenever I was on an airplane looking down on a city I was flying over, I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between the city grids and certain types of insect colonies.

I realize now that the lesson I was learning was that we are all somehow connected.

I love all animals but I have always had a special connection with dogs.  Maybe it’s because their social structure is very similar to ours.  Never the less it was dogs that first exposed my gift.  I have a natural ability to help balance behaviour by assisting in the organization of the mental, emotional and the social state of mind.   Without truly being aware of it, I had been helping people find homeostasis in their lives for years.

Even though I had been training dogs since I was 15 it wasn’t until I was in my early 20’s that I decided to put the predominant focus on the person instead of the dog.

Josh GoodstadtIf I was to make a difference in people’s lives I knew that I needed to train and add to my natural abilities.   Since then I have been an instructor in swimming, canoeing and martial arts.  I have received three coaching certificates as well as leadership awards.  I’ve taken courses in communication, relationships and psychology, and in 2010 I received my degree in addictions counselling (ACSW).

I have volunteered my time on many occasions in assisting various people recover from their addictions, and still do from time to time to this day.

I have been working with and training dogs for over 30 years now.  Teaching and guiding people to find a true balance with themselves and their canine friends.

I believe down to my soul every dog that enters our life, however the eventful, interesting ways that can happen, they have entered our life to help teach us a specific life lesson we are ready to learn.

I would be more than happy to translate the messages your canine friends are trying to send to you.

— Josh Goodstadt, Dog Behaviourist

Contact Info.

  • Phone: 1 (604) 612-1714
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  • I am proudly serving the Metro Vancouver area in beautiful British Columbia, from West Vancouver to Chilliwack and everywhere in between.

Business Mandate

Empowered Discoveries is a long-time dream come true for its developer Josh Goodstadt, and is a Company different from anything in existence today.

My objective is to balance the relationship between You, the pet Owner… and your Canine friends. This will be achieved by exploring all five Life areas  which are the Physical, the Emotional, the Mental, the Social and the Spiritual… which exist in all beings on earth.

By finding the imbalance in any of these five areas we will then have a clear path to follow in order to correct the problem and attain a happy outcome for both Owner and Pet.

Mission Statement

It is my mission to help bring balance between the relationship of human and canine and guide them to discover each other’s strengths, skills, and abilities.

Common Issues


There are several reasons why a dog may be aggressive. The most thought reason is dominance…but in actual fact the most common cause is fear. Together we will determine which underlying cause applies to your dog.

Separation Anxiety

This is a very common occurrence, especially amongst puppies and young dogs. With the proper guidance and a solid routine they usually grow out of it. For those who have dogs that suffer from this issue as adults, the focus is now drawn to ‘anxiety’ more than ‘separation’ and finding the source of this anxiety which will give us a direct map to solving the issue.

Excessive Barking

As we are all well aware dogs bark for many different reasons, but with excessive barking there are usually only two. Dominance and/or boredom. Once leadership has been established and the boredom addressed, the barking should cease or at the very least be drastically reduced.

The ‘Come’ Command

From my experience I would say that this is the one command that most dog owners have difficulty teaching their dogs. There is a simple, effective technique that I learned 30 years ago and has worked wonders for me and my clients ever since. I would love to show you.

Overly Excited

There are many breeds that are very high energy and were bred for a specific job requiring them to have this energy to perform their duties. Choosing and discovering inventive activities to simulate those jobs, will allow a focal point for those energies.

Fear issues

Fear issues can have a few causes; past abuse, genetics and traumatic incidences. It is important to know what is needed to help your dog move past his/her fears. We may have all the love and best intentions but without the proper knowledge certain human behaviours can enable the fear to become more prevalent.

Listening Skills & Communication

Your dog has a few annoying behaviours that you have tried everything in you power to stop but it is just not working. A common mistake is using Verbal means or Fear to correct a dog’s behaviour, though it may seem to work at times, it usually is short lived and very temporary. Approximately 95% of dog communication is ‘non-verbal’ and it is very confusing for the dogs when fear is used as a teaching tool. Energy plays a very important part in having these behaviours corrected. It is your energy that dictates the outcome of correcting an unwanted behaviour.

Walking Is Everything

Walking your dog is the cornerstone to the relationship you will have with your dog. It is the best chance to establish leadership and to teach your dog how to follow.



Neil and Shareen with Samson and Sheera

Neil and Shareen with Samson and Sheera

We hired Josh 4 years ago to train our rescue dog blue and he did wonders for him. We were so impressed we rehired him now to train our new 2 black labs.Josh has a unique insight into the minds of animals and how they think. He seems to have an empathic ability towards animals, and helps us to understand the way our dogs are feeling and thinking.

He uses no harsh training techniques, all training revolves around guiding the animals natural behaviors.

We are lucky to have found him.

— Neil and Sheera

Empowering people... Discovering capabilities.

Shannon with LuLu

I have an 8 month old Boerboel. I wanted to make sure that she was going to be a well behaved dog as she is only going to get bigger and BIGGER. Josh was amazing with her, she is so calm and collected now. Josh also taught me the skills needed to continue her training and guided me as well to have the confidence to use them.

While going through Josh’s training program I’ve experienced personal growth and a better understanding of certain aspects of myself which has helped me in my day to day life. I can’t thank Josh enough for all his patience, knowledge and soft, calm (and sometimes entertaining), training techniques.

— Shannon and LuLu

Aili with Bandit

Aili with Bandit

Josh G: Why did you decide to hire a dog trainer?
Aili: I realized that my dog needed a specific type of training that is not usual from the experience that I have had with dogs.  I also needed a trainer that could teach me the skills needed to continue the training throughout my dog’s life.

Josh G: Why did you hire me?
Aili: I had seen you in action before through a mutual friend and I was especially impressed with how patient and understanding you were with both people and dogs.  I noticed you had a calm and gentle demeanour about you and I thought that would be a great environment for both me and my dog to learn in.

Josh G: Since the training have you noticed any differences?
Aili: Absolutely!! The first thing I noticed is Bandit was waiting for me to make the next decision instead of bounding about doing whatever popped into his head.  The other big difference was in myself, I was more calm and patient.

Josh G: What are some of the things that stick out the most of what you’ve learned?
Aili: You can change a dog’s focus with how much time is invested, and I guess the biggest lesson is that I am the focus, not Bandit.  Bandit will follow whatever it is “I” want.

Josh G: Has this experience had any impact in your life outside the dog world?
Aili: For sure.  I’m a farrier and I work with and train horses as well and I have noticed a change in how I communicate and receive messages with both animals and people through the skills I have acquired through the training program.

Josh G: Any final thoughts?
Aili: I just want to say how grateful I am for your patience and understanding, and how great you were with my daughter teaching her those valuable skills.  I have these skills now and I can take them with me throughout my life.  Thanks again.

— Aili and Bandit

Just had a great session with Josh. He gave my husband and I some great training tips and a better understanding of how we can communicate more effectively with our dog. Thank you Josh!

— Erin Reeds