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Hi, my name is Josh Goodstadt, I have been professionally training dogs for over 30 years. For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with the subject of behaviour.  I was curious as to why animals behave the way they do and soon after put more of a focus on the motivation behind the behaviour. 

Even though I have a love for all animals, I have a propensity towards dogs. Perhaps it’s because their social structure is very similar to ours or I just feel more of an emotional connection to them.  Either way I have an innate ability to understand the needs that dogs are trying to communicate to us.  More often than not, if a dogs behaviour is imbalanced, it is because of a need that is not being met. By having the ability to understand each dogs needs, I can convey that information to the owner.  This discovery of knowledge empowers an owner with confidence to balance the relationship between themselves and their canine friends. 

I believe, however the eventful and interesting ways that dogs enter our lives, it is to teach us a specific life lesson we are ready to learn. I would be more than happy to share my experiences and knowledge with you and your canine friend. 

Josh Goodstadt, Dog Behaviorist

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It is my mission to help bring balance between the relationship of human and canine and guide them to discover each other’s strengths, skills, and abilities.

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